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Logica's Gallery shows off some of the best SMART on FHIR® applications. Browse or even take them for a spin with our live demo feature.

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RxCheck enables hard-wired communication at the point of care to ensure informed prescribing decisions. Real-time analysis surfaces formulary, outcomes and adherence data, along with clinical protocols and predictive analytics for individual patients.

RxRevu's RxCheck SMART on FHIR App

Meducation RS

Meducation® is a cloud-based solution, accessed from within your EHR workflow, that converts patients’ complex medication instructions into plain language for Low Health Literate and Limited English Proficient patients. The need is severe – 1 in 3 Americans are 'low health literate' and confront substantial communication barriers when they interact with the healthcare system. Low health literate individuals are more likely to take their medicines incorrectly, be hospitalized, mismanage chronic conditions and visit the emergency room.

Meducation® uses a patient’s drug and SIG information to create engaging and intuitive patient-specific instructions and regimen summaries.

Polyglot's Meducation RS SMART on FHIR App


VisualDX SMART on FHIR App

VisualDx is a web-based clinical decision support system designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety. Whether accessed on the desktop or on a mobile device, clinicians can build a differential diagnosis in seconds. In addition to diagnosis, clinicians can rapidly access patient-specific clinical information and images for patient engagement and education.

Used in more than 1500 hospitals and large clinics, VisualDx has become the assistant of choice for fast, concise peer-reviewed diagnostic assistance and education at the point of care. At the AMIA iHealth 2014 Conference, VisualDx was proud to be recognized as Idea thatVisualDx has also been named a KLAS Category Leader for 2011-2014. VisualDx is FHIR/SMART and HL7 Infobutton EHR interoperable.