Building an app for health care?

We think you should consider using SMART on FHIR®. Between being adopted by the world's most prominent EHRs and the active open source community building development tools and resources, you'll be up and running in no time.

The Logica Sandbox is a personal instance of a SMART on FHIR® platform* in the cloud, with tools and data to help build and test health apps. Features include:

  • Create your own cloud-based sandbox, with a default data set, in a few clicks.

  • Run against your own FHIR® server (R4, STU3, or DSTU2).

  • Support for CDS Hooks.

  • Run your SMART app in our EHR Simulator.

  • Create or import clinical data to test your apps.

  • Test apps by creating personas and launch scenarios.

  • Verify your app follows the SMART security and launch context standards.

  • Invite your team (developers, testers, clinical users, etc.) to work in your sandbox

  • FREE to use.

*A SMART on FHIR platform is a standardized way to interact with a medical system such as an EHR, Hospital, Clinic, HIE, PHR, Lab, Insurer, etc.


SDKs & Libraries

Logica, SMART, and others have built integration libraries so you can focus on building great apps and less on data transmission and security code.


Profiling FHIR

The core HL7® FHIR® specification identifies resources and their associated attributes, but intentionally stops short of dictating implementation specific details.  This allows for the standard to be adopted in a variety of regions and use-cases, but also introduces ambiguity.  


Profiling picks up where the core FHIR® specification leaves off, reducing ambiguity by specifying a security architecture, further defining/constraining resource attributes, and specifying terminologies and value sets.

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