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Write once. Deploy anywhere.

With Logica & SMART on FHIR®, building interoperable apps for health has never been easier.

Create apps for...


Create apps for patients and their family, launched from a smart phone, tablet, web browser, or personal computer

that connects directly to their healthcare providers' EHR.


Create apps for clinicians that integrate directly inside their EHR and have access to its underlying data store.

On the platform they use.

Mobile SMART on FHIR Apps

Create mobile apps that can integrate with Logica & SMART on FHIR® compliant platforms, such as EHRs, HIEs, etc.

SMART on FHIR Web Apps

Create web apps that integrate directly into the clinician's SMART on FHIR® compliant EHR.

SMART on FHIR backend services apps
Backend Services

Create backend systems that use push or pull methods to monitor data and activity within the EHR.

With the tools we've built to help.

HSPC Sandbox | Your personal SMART on FHIR Platform in the cloud.
Logica Sandbox

An Logica Sandbox is your very own instance of a SMART on FHIR® platform in the cloud full of tools and utilities to help you build and test your apps.

SDKs & Libraries

With Logica and SMART's  integration libraries, you can focus on building great apps and less on data transmission and security code.

Samples & Tutorials

Not sure how to get started? With our samples and tutorials library, you'll be up and running in no time.


Need to dive deeper into FHIR, SMART, or Logica's SDKs? Our documentation library will help.


Get involved.

Logica is a consortium of healthcare providers, software vendors, researchers, educators (and more). Everything we build is open source.

These tools are only possible because of the generous contributions of our members and the community. At Logica, we're committed to creating a vibrant, open ecosystem of interoperable platforms, applications, and knowledge assets. We can't do it alone. Help us transform healthcare by accelerating the delivery of innovative healthcare applications that improve health and healthcare.